Overhauling You Bathroom

Bathtubs not looking like it should? Are you stuck to among those obsolete colors of the 1970’s? With a couple of simple prep work as well as a lot of perseverance, you could find out ways to reglaze bathtubs and conserve on your own the hassle of purchasing as well as mounting a new tub.

Naturally, you’ll want to see to it that you function safely. Because refinishing a bathtub involves chemicals, some of which are toxic, make certain that you ventilate the area well prior to starting. Likewise, safeguard yourself with a ventilator, safety goggles and also gloves. When secured, gather your products and get going! Provide your bathtub a casual cleaning and also eliminate any loose caulking and gaskets.

A lot of tub refinishing kits featured several chemicals. The first 2 are chemical cleansing remedies that will remove soaps and oils from the surface area of the bathtub as well as prepare it for the primer. Many sets require you to cleanse the bathtub with the very first option, rubbing the bathtub with sandpaper, typically 220 or 240 grit. Once the tub is completely scrubbed, wash away any kind of deposit.

The second cleansing option is applied next, typically with a specially made cleaning pad that also scores, or roughs, the surface of the bathtub. This 2nd action gets rid of any kind of staying oil or soap and offers “order” for the guide. Rinse the tub once more as well as completely dry with an old towel or paper towels.

The third option in the set is a guide reducer, a solvent that eliminates any staying deposit as well as prepares the surface area for the guide. Thoroughly apply the reducer with paper towels. After this, fix any type of damages to the bathtub’s surface as well as drain location with putty as well as permit to dry. After concerning 30 minutes, sand the fixed locations smooth with a great grit sandpaper, clean with the guide reducer and dry.

It is time to mask the location around the bath tub that will not be redecorated. Very carefully use tape and also paper to the locations around the bathtub, burnishing any kind of tape with your finger nail or a bank card to guarantee a good seal.

Next, you’ll use the skim coat to the tub. Remember to wear your respirator for this part of the procedure, as well as make sure that your area is properly aerated. Adhering to the manufacturer’s directions, blend the guide’s components specifically as well as make use of a spray weapon to put on the bathtub. Enable the primer to completely dry for at least HALF AN HOUR before applying the top coat.

Mix the paint for the overcoat complying with producer’s instructions. Apply the overcoat using the spray gun with also strokes. This topcoat will take about 48-72 hours to entirely heal. Reglazing your bathtub could be an affordable way to significantly upgrade your restroom!


Author: Cameron Edward