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Our blog helps people to learn about everyday weather, seasons and the climate all around the year. You can view weather forecasts of any region in New Zealand. If you are knowledgeable about the weather forecast and webcam’s role in forecasting the weather, then you can write for us.

Guidelines to follow

  • Your article should be only related to weather. You can write about weather forecasting techniques, tools, and technology used in weather forecasting, webcams, the function of a webcam in predicting the weather, etc.
  • We prefer short and interesting articles so that the readers don’t need to spend a lot of time reading your articles. Your article should be written in short paragraphs so that it’s easy to read.
  • You must use simple language so that it’s understandable by readers of all kinds.
  • Your article must b well researched and any statistics mentioned in the article should include the source.
  • You can include pictures of different weather conditions or other things relevant to your article. This will make your article more interesting.
  • We encourage you to write a short author bio and provide a link to your site. This way you can redirect some of our visitors to your site as well.
  • Please use grammatically correct sentences and check for any errors before submitting your article.
  • We have a 100% plagiarism-free policy. So, unless your article is original, it won’t be accepted.

Please keep these guidelines in mind before submitting your articles. We will review your article in order to decide whether to post it on our blog or not. We hope to hear from you soon!